Production in Boracay Island

Where is Boracay Island? In the Philippines. It happens to be one of the 10 best beaches in the world. I came here for a vacation and fell in love with the place. The beach is amazing. Crystal blue water and powdered sand. Living in paradise. Because of the internet. I am able to do all my work online and enjoy the beach life of Boracay Island. I love this place so much that I plan on making a movie here. Bring a Hollywood production here in Boracay Island. The Outrage DVD has not come out here, so I plan on releasing the movie here in the Island to promote it. If you have not seen outrage starring Michael Madsen, which is out in every Blockbuster and Netflix in the USA, well, you should. It is a good movie. You will learn something from. Don’t believe me check out the website. directed by Ace Cruz.

Baseball icon John Rocker goes Outrage

John Rocker talks about how “Outrage” changed his life.

Pauly D, Successful land developer turns actor

A new movie starring Michael Madsen, Natasha Lyonne & Michael Berryman teams up with Pauly D a land developer by trade turns out to be an actor at heart. Pauly D who plays a Hilly Billy, like the movie in Sling Blade, shows great truth in his role. After many screenings of the movie, the audience have commented on his brilliant performance as the Billy character in “Outrage”. We interviewed Pauly D about his character and he stated to us he has been playing that character for 20 years, just making his friends laugh at dinner parties. This movie is worth a watch. You are either entertained with the suspense and fun chase scenes of the movie or be enlightened by the words of wisdom the movie projects. This film is a filled with exciting suspenseful moments and a spiritual message we should all live by. What we have in our hearts is what we attract in our life. Watch this film and check out the website

Outrage 2009 Hollywood Movie Pics

Derek Lee Nixon, Natasha Lyonne,Pauly D, Katie Fountain, Ace Cruz, Michael Berryman, Billy Redden, Jordan Brower, Christopher Britton and Kerry Wallum OUTRAGE(2009) Movie is Produced By:Ace Cruz and Derek Lee Nixon

Paul D’Agnese the Executive Producer of “Outrage”

Michael Madsen (Sin City, Kill
Bill, Reservoir Dogs) and Natasha
Lyonne (American Pie,
Slums of Beverly Hills) star in
Outrage, a white-knuckle thriller about the
law of attraction, fate-changing decisions
and facing the past.
Christine (Katie Fountain) is selling the palatial North
Georgia mountain home willed to her by her father. And
she’s closing this chapter of her life in style: a lavish
weekend getaway with a group of close friends (Natasha
Lyonne, Ace Cruz and Derek Lee Nixon). But the lodge was
the site of a traumatic childhood incident Christine just
can’t shake. The fear and outrage consume her. The vacation,
she hopes, will be the source of healing.
Her plans, however, go awry as an ex-Marine sniper,
Farragut (Michael Madsen), and his team of military outlaws
crash a wave of terror upon Christine and company.
A plan of deception soon unravels, and Christine and her
friends escape into the woods with the bloodthirsty killers
on their trail. With help from a simple handyman, Billy
(Pauly D), and a mountain mystic, Obeah (Michael Berryman),
Christine comes face-to-face with the fears that
brought these horrors to life.
For Outrage, producer/director Ace Cruz and executive
producer Paul D’Agnese bring the story itself to life with
pulse-pounding intensity, drawing upon a cast of notable
screen vets. Madsen, perhaps best known for his role as
Mr. Blonde in Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs, calls the
project “a thrilling, exciting and invigorating movie with a
great message.”
The critically acclaimed Lyonne says she was delighted
to work with Madsen on such a thought-provoking project.
With its unique content and approach, Outrage stands out
among the slew of films on her resume.
“Outrage is an interesting film that explores the power
of the psyche and subconscious mind to determine or
color our conditions, reality and experience,” Lyonne says.
Moviegoers will no doubt recognize the incomparable
Michael Berryman. Primarily known for bad guy roles (Rob
Zombie’s The Devil’s Rejects, Wes Craven’s The Hills Have
Eyes), Berryman switches gears in Outrage as the insightful
“The producers have spent time to weave a story of
danger, intrigue and choices,” says Berryman. “The message
of the film is most powerful. The pure entertainment
is solid and uncompromising. It’s a film you can watch
many times and take something new from it.”
Cruz hopes audiences will not only immerse themselves
in unbridled entertainment, but also take home the core
message of Outrage.
“Filmmaking is a passion of mine that I use to show
a good message to the world whenever I can fit it in my
commercial movies,” says Cruz. “I decided to make the
lesson of Outrage be what you are inside is what you attract
in life.” This is Cruz’s 6th film and he is now preparing
to do his 7th film called fight quest.
For more info, visit n
Corporation (LLC) that began operations in February 2006. Pell
shared more about her company. “Anahau began its operations
with only a business plan, our team’s combined experiences, expertise
and successes and a strong desire to succeed. In building
a business from scratch, Anahau’s main challenge was to create
new, strong working relationships with its customers. To address
this challenge, Anahau ensures that no short cuts are taken when
servicing new customers. This approach of focusing on the highest
quality of service has helped deliver the best overall product
to our customers and has been the driving force that separates
our company from other small start-ups in the sector,” Suyen
Prior to launching Anahau, Suyen and Theresa successfully
worked together for many years at Cook Inlet Energy Supply in
Los Angeles, which was one of the leading minority-owned businesses
in the energy sector. “I started with Cook in 1992 as an
accounting manager, and then received several promotions from
Accounting to Trading. Eventually, I became their Chief Trading
Officer- heading the trade floor and operations of Cook Inlet.
Cook Inlet started out as a 4-person shop and grew to 75 employees
with $3 Billion in revenue within 10 yrs. I was very proud to
be part of their success story from the very beginning until it was
sold to Macquarie Bank Ltd in 2005,” recalled Pell.
Theresa shared her side of the story. “ Even while in college,
I worked as an intern at Cook. Suyen said it would be a good
working experience for me in a corporate world and it’s something
different. I agreed. At first, I took the job for the main reason
that it will look good on my resume. However, as I saw all the
different aspects of Cook Inlet, the more I liked the business. I did
anything they asked me to do; from getting everyone’s lunch to
answering phones, organizing files to doing basic accounting then
to operations. I’ve even babysat my boss’s kids. I ended up interning
for almost 2 years. I learned a lot and got to know the customers
along the way. My bosses, Greg and Hans, always said that
they’d hire me full time if I wanted it. When my graduation came,
I took them up on their offer with one condition that I get to be
a full time trader right away. They agreed. I worked for them for
over 9 wonderful years. I learned everything I know today in the
energy industry from those 9 years,” said Theresa.
The big break for Suyen happened with the sale of Cook Inlet
Energy to Macquarie Bank Ltd. which took away Cook Inlet’s minority-
owned status. Pell admitted that, “since Cook Inlet was no
longer a minority owned company, we saw an opportunity to take
over their market share. In addition, I have always wanted to be
an entrepreneur and be able to create jobs in our community.”
Theresa described their beginning, “the opportunity came
and we seized the moment. We always talked about how great it
would be to have our own business. We’ve worked well together
for many years and know each other’s strengths and weaknesses.
Most importantly, we trust each other.”
Suyen and Theresa maximized the niche of being a certified,
minority/woman-owned company and she targeted companies
which are big supporters of Supply Diversity. “It is truly a good
business strategy. It gives every new business an opportunity
to grow and expand in a competitive market place. It’s not free
business; you really need to deliver. You need to show that you
have the qualifications and expertise for it. Supply Diversity is
not just good for the community but is an overall good business
strategy. We truly believe in our strategy, so we will stay focused
and continue what we started,” explained Suyen.
It is very difficult for a small operation to conduct business
in an atmosphere dominated by multi-billion dollar gas and oil
corporations. Nevertheless, Anahau has been able to grow its
business “by expertly filling in the niches wherever we can find
them,” admitted Suyen.
The Encarnacion sisters were both born in the Philippines.
Suyen was born in Vigan, Ilocos Sur and Theresa was born in Manila.
“Our father, Efrenis, is originally from Vigan, while our mother,
Suzanne Mendoza, is from Nueva Ecija, although we mostly lived
in Manila before we immigrated to the US. I am the second while
Theresa is the youngest out of five children. We have 2 more sisters
and a brother. Our oldest sister, Suzette, who lives in Glendale with
her husband and two sons; Our middle brother, Jay-jay,who is an
avid surfer, lives in San Clemente with his wife and two sons and
our fourth sister, Angelique, lives in Pasadena with her dogs. Our
father and other siblings are in real estate and investment properties,
and our mother is a consultant for banks,” said Suyen, whose
name means “sunrise” in Japanese, according to her mother who
gave her the full name of Suyen Marie.
Suyen attended St. Scholastica’s Academy and St. Joseph’s
College in Manila before their migration. In 1989, she graduated
from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), and eventually
completed an Executive Management Business Entrepreneurial
Program at the Anderson School at UCLA. Younger sister Theresa,
on the other hand, has a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance
from the California State University of Long Beach.
The very successful entrepreneurs have achieved the American
Dream and Suyen attributes her business and personal growth to
three factors: Education, Diligence and Dedication. “I believe these
are the key attributes, but it is ‘how we use them’ that will lead
to success. Also, just as important are the people you surround
yourself with. Surrounding yourself with people who share the
same goals, beliefs, passion and commitment to success can help
propel you to levels of success that are unattainable on your own.
In short, innovative business strategies with your heart in the right
place,” summarized Pell.
Theresa believes that education, hard work and perseverance
are keys to success. “Believe in yourself and don’t be afraid of
failure. It’s just another step of the learning process,” she said.
The thing that most fuels Suyen’s dedication to her work is her
motivation to be of help to others. “We want to be able to grow
large enough to provide jobs in the community and expand our
role philanthropically,” said the good-hearted mother of two very
young children, who makes time to do volunteer work to help others
in the community. As busy as she is, Suyen makes it a point to
enjoy outdoor activities with her husband and kids in her free time.
“My family is very active so we pretty much like to do outdoor
activities whenever we can like 5k or 10k runs, swimming, bicycle
riding, and rollerblading. I would like to be able to do more surfing,
scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking. I recently just tried paddle
boarding and that was fun too,” Suyen shared. “ I also try to get
at least 30-45 minutes of cardio vascular exercise everyday if I can.
This is like coffee to me – this is where I do my thinking and helps
control my stress level and overall health condition,” she added.
Theresa, on the other hand, admits that balancing work time
with family time is not that easy. “Since owning our own business,
it can be a challenge at times but I balance by making sure I clock
out at a certain time everyday and spend quality time with my
family. We are fortunate to have two beautiful girls. Our oldest
is 2 years and 8 months old and our youngest just turned a year
old last week. We always have play time and dinner together. My
husband, Dave, and I also make sure we have date nights. One of
the main advantages of working for yourself is having that flexibility
and it’s great if you can work efficiently,” said Theresa.
Suyen shared that the goal of Anahau is to continue its growth
by working with a strategic partner with the means of providing
credit support that will take them to the next level. “A strategic
partner will have the ability to immediately lever off Anahau’s
strong physical Natural Gas trading and management expertise
and core relationships. We are excited about this opportunity and
we look forward to taking the next step in growth,” Suyen said
enthusiastically. “In five years, I want to see Anahau expand its
services. We also have plans in expanding into renewable products
such as solar and wind. Long term, I would like to see us doing
more business internationally, maybe even in the Philippines,” the
outstanding Pinay said with a passion.
Meanwhile, Suyen revealed that the Pells are currently in the
planning stages of a vacation back to Manila and Vigan, “to visit
relatives and to show my husband and kids the country in which I
grew up”.
Aside from their expertise and hard work, the major factor for
the remarkable success story of the beautiful and amazing Encarnacion
sisters is the love and respect they have for each other.
“Theresa has brought to our business the kind of drive and determination
that makes businesses succeed. I could have not done
this without her support and determination,” Suyen said.
Theresa is equally all praises for her sister Suyen. “Since I’m the
youngest, all my siblings were very protective of me. From early
on, I remember my Mom would always tell us how important siblings
are and that we should always be close and take care of each
other and I’m fortunate to say that that’s been the case all through
childhood and now. I’m just very lucky that I get to work with one
of my sisters who is also one of my best friends.” n
Fil -Am director /producer /ACTOR
ace cruz ’S NEW MOVIE

It’s Paul D’Agnese the Executive Producer of “Outrage” decided he wanted to make a movie in his Rabun County mountain house.

paul d

OUTRAGE 2009, Hollywood movie

OUTRAGE (2009Hollywood movie, to be released in April 2010, is story of a  young woman. A young woman who is haunted by her past events. The young woman inOUTRAGE(2009) is haunted by a very traumatic childhood event. Then she again gets to a situation where she has to re-confront the same traumatic situation but this time it helps her to let go of her rage and fever that had grown with her from the childhood.

Star cast of OUTRAGE(2009) : Derek Lee Nixon, Natasha Lyonne, Katie Fountain, Ace Cruz, Michael Berryman, Billy Redden, Jordan Brower, Christopher Britton and Kerry Wallum

OUTRAGE(2009) Movie is Produced By:Ace Cruz and Derek Lee Nixon

and Directed By: Ace Cruz