Pauly D attracts the spiritual side of “Outrage”

Pauly DPauly D attracts the spiritual side of “Outrage”

As the spiritual conductor in “Outrage”, Pauly D starts to understand the meaning of the spiritual words he narrates in the film “Outrage”.  When I was playing the character Billy, the words I would say in the movie, I started to apply in my real life, states “Pauly D”.  It’s no hidden fact that the message of the movie has a lot of truth.  It is better to watch the film in a big theater,  without distractions to really get the true words of wisdom on what the character Billy has to say in the movie.  The film talks about the pendulum of life.  Billy’s character says “life is like a pendulum, sometimes life offers us bad things, but sooner or later it will start be good again.   It’s just a matter of waiting patiently for the life to turn.  If we all can recall in our own life how this is true, we can live a much better and peaceful life.  It am very fortunate and lucky to be able to narrate the words of wisdom of Billy,  I truly feel I am doing my part in spreading goodness in the world and helping me attain good karma, states, “Pauly D”.  After interviewing Pauly D in his experience in “Outrage” he gave me a sense of awareness of the deepness this film really has, that I did not really notice until it was explained to me by Pauly D.  The film “Outrage” truly deserves to be watched a second time to understand the hidden spiritual meaning in this Sci-Fi Thriller film.  I can see how it won Best SciFi film at the Action on Film International Film festival.  A must see movie starring Michael Madsen, Natasha Lyonne and Michael Berryman.

Outrage 2009 Hollywood Movie Pics

Derek Lee Nixon, Natasha Lyonne,Pauly D, Katie Fountain, Ace Cruz, Michael Berryman, Billy Redden, Jordan Brower, Christopher Britton and Kerry Wallum OUTRAGE(2009) Movie is Produced By:Ace Cruz and Derek Lee Nixon

“Outrage” discovers Pauly D

Award winning film “Outrage” discovers new actor.

Pauly D

After watching the film “Outrage” it has come to my discovery of a first time actor Pauly D.

His first time on the screen has surprised many.  His portrayal of Billy a caretaker of Christine’s Mountain house.  Just like the film that launched the career of Billy Bob Thorton in “Sling Blade” Pauly D has mastered the mannerism and nuisances of a slow moving, hill Billy mountain character.

His performance was exceptional for his first time on the screen.  You would never imagine that Pauly D is in real life a professional businessman and successful entrepreneur.  Starting his career as a real estate developer, he merged into the entertainment industry unexpectedly and found his creative talent as an Actor.  Long time friend and director Ace Cruz discovered him doing a practical joke to make his friends laugh, by putting on some buck teeth and mimicking a hill Billy character from the woods. Director Ace Cruz studied this character and created a story around Pauly D’s character Billy, that started the storyline of “Outrage”.  It was quite a discovery to be able to find a character like “Billy” he’s a very interesting and sympathetic character that made the film what it is, says “Ace Cruz”.

During the editing of the movie, Oscar award winning Editor Dennis Virkler, commented on his performance as being very good and believable, he was shocked to know that was his first time on the screen.  He’s a real natural, Virkler stated.  We hope to see more of this actor in future films.