What is so special about the movie Outrage?

Outrage 2009 conveys a message that

What you are inside is what you attract in your life“.

The movie has got great reviews and the message seems to appeal to the masses. As one reviewer on imdb wrote:

“It’s definitely worth a watch. Message of the movie “What you are inside is what you attract in your life”. I went to watch Outrage with this message in mind. Its a great message and the movie conveys it well.”

The movie has attracted great reviews on various sites like imdb and yahoo movies.

A must watch Outrage 2009 has a great star cast with veterans like Michael Madsen (Sin City, Kill Bill, Reservoir Dogs) and Natasha Lyonne (American Pie, Slums of Beverly Hills) star in Outrage, a white-knuckle thriller about the law of attraction, fate-changing decisions and facing the past. 

Outrage is an interesting film that explores the power of the psyche and subconscious mind to determine or color our conditions, reality and experience,” Lyonne says. 

“The producers have spent time to weave a story of danger, intrigue and choices,” says Berryman. “The message of the film is most powerful. The pure entertainment is solid and uncompromising. It’s a film you can watch many times and take something new from it.” 

 “Filmmaking is a passion of mine that I use to show a good message to the world whenever I can fit it in my commercial movies,” says Cruz. “I decided to make the lesson of Outrage be what you are inside is what you attract in life.” 

 Cruz hopes audiences will not only immerse themselves in unbridled entertainment, but also take home the core message of Outrage

Watch the movie and you will identify with the message which is related to everyone and applies to all, surely there must be some incident where one can relate it to ones real life.

Cruz hopes audiences will not only immerse themselves in unbridled entertainment, but also take home the core message of Outrage

What you are inside is what you attract in your life“.





Pauly D attracts the spiritual side of “Outrage”

Pauly DPauly D attracts the spiritual side of “Outrage”

As the spiritual conductor in “Outrage”, Pauly D starts to understand the meaning of the spiritual words he narrates in the film “Outrage”.  When I was playing the character Billy, the words I would say in the movie, I started to apply in my real life, states “Pauly D”.  It’s no hidden fact that the message of the movie has a lot of truth.  It is better to watch the film in a big theater,  without distractions to really get the true words of wisdom on what the character Billy has to say in the movie.  The film talks about the pendulum of life.  Billy’s character says “life is like a pendulum, sometimes life offers us bad things, but sooner or later it will start be good again.   It’s just a matter of waiting patiently for the life to turn.  If we all can recall in our own life how this is true, we can live a much better and peaceful life.  It am very fortunate and lucky to be able to narrate the words of wisdom of Billy,  I truly feel I am doing my part in spreading goodness in the world and helping me attain good karma, states, “Pauly D”.  After interviewing Pauly D in his experience in “Outrage” he gave me a sense of awareness of the deepness this film really has, that I did not really notice until it was explained to me by Pauly D.  The film “Outrage” truly deserves to be watched a second time to understand the hidden spiritual meaning in this Sci-Fi Thriller film.  I can see how it won Best SciFi film at the Action on Film International Film festival.  A must see movie  www.outragemovie.com starring Michael Madsen, Natasha Lyonne and Michael Berryman.

Outrage 2009 Hollywood Movie Pics


Derek Lee Nixon, Natasha Lyonne,Pauly D, Katie Fountain, Ace Cruz, Michael Berryman, Billy Redden, Jordan Brower, Christopher Britton and Kerry Wallum OUTRAGE(2009) Movie is Produced By:Ace Cruz and Derek Lee Nixon



Recently honored at the 2009 Action on Film (AOF) International Film Festival in Pasadena, Calif.,, the newest movie from Spirit Films, LLC,“Outrage” was named Best SciFi Picture of the Year.

Katie Fountain

Katie Fountain plays the role of Christine in the movie Outrage.

Christine (Katie Fountain) is selling the palatial North Georgia mountain home willed to her by her father. And she’s closing this chapter of her life in style: a lavish weekend getaway with a group of close friends (Natasha Lyonne, Ace Cruz and Derek Lee Nixon). But the lodge was the site of a traumatic childhood incident Christine just can’t shake. The fear and outrage consume her. The vacation, she hopes, will be the source of healing.

Outrage (FILM) Aug. 1, 2009
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Natasha Lyonne

Natasha Lyonne plays an important role in Outrage movie.

The critically acclaimed Lyonne says she was delighted to work with Madsen on such a thought-provoking project. With its unique content and approach, Outrage stands out among the slew of films on her resume.

Lyonne began acting at an early age with her first role as “Opal” on Pee-wee’s Playhouse. She appeared in the 1990 film A Man Called Sargeduring the time her family lived in Israel.

Lyonne is perhaps best known for her roles in the first two American Pie films as the wise-cracking Jessica. She has also appeared in more than 30 other movies, including starring roles in the independent films Slums of Beverly Hills and But I’m a Cheerleader. Lyonne also appeared in Party Monster in 2003, a dramatization of the Michael Alig story. As the character Brooke, Lyonne donned a fat suit and dreadlocks.

After an extended hiatus, Lyonne filmed Goyband in New York City with Adam PascalAmy DavidsonCris JuddDean EdwardsTibor Feldman, and Tovah Feldshuh.

Ace Cruz – Outrage movie


Achieving the American Dream is definitely a reality for film maker Ace Cruz.  In fact he has been living the dream for the past 13 years.

Born in Manila, Cruz and his family immigrated to California when Cruz was just three years old.  Growing up in Los Angeles, he saw his first play in Jr. High School and immediately knew he wanted to be an actor.

“I knew what I was going to do,” smiles Cruz.  “A lot of people tried to deter me.  But every time someone told me I wouldn’t be able to make it, the more determined I became.  I’ve always been like that.  I am a very positive and motivated person and I learned along time ago to visualize my dreams which really enable me to make them come true.”

Graduating from high school, Cruz was accepted at USC where he majored in drama.  Obtaining a BFA Cruz began to produce and act in various stage plays.

“I was performing in a play and just like in the movies, I was discovered,” explains Cruz.

“Alfie Lorenzo, a well-known celebrity manager from the Philippines caught one of my shows and was impressed enough to ask me to move back to the Philippines and start a career there.  I signed with Mr. Lorenzo and he put me under contract with “Viva Films”.

After working with Viva for four years Cruz decided to return to Los Angeles and add film maker to his list of credits.  Studying once again at USC, he threw himself into learning all the ins-and-outs of film making.

“I opened my own company, Spirit Films,LLC” continues Cruz and began working on my very first feature film.”

Writing, directing, producing and acting, Cruz went to work with a vengeance.

“Making my first movie was an incredible experience” explains Cruz.  “I begged and borrowed money from relatives to make it and used all my credit cards.  The title was “Last Chance” and not only did I write, direct and produce, but I co-starred with “Different Strokes” actor Todd Bridges and Judy Ann Santos. It took me 4 years to finally finish. Everything was a learning experience. I made the movie for $10,000 and was able to sell it to the American Film Market and actually made a profit which is pretty unheard of. It was definitely cool. Most first-time film makers never make a dime on their first movie, but I did and it really launched my career.”

Since completing that first film, Cruz has made five more; “Urban Task Force”, which he also directed and starred in with well-known Filipina actress Sunshine Cruz. The success of that movie led to his third film “Psychotic” which he directed and starred in with Sam Jones (Flash Gordon), Joe Estevez (Martin Sheen’s brother), and Kathleen Kinmont (Renegades). Next he made “Fate” which starred Lee Majors (Six Million Dollar Man), Philip Michael Thomas (Miami Vice), and Michael Pare (Streets of Fire). His fifth film was “The Golem”, which he stars with Christopher Atkins’ (Blue Lagoon) daughter, Britney Bowman and recently completed is “Outrage” (www.outragemovie.com) which just received the 2009 Action on Film (AOF) International Festival award for Best SciFi Picture of the year.

“I couldn’t be more pleased,” says an obviously elated Cruz.  “Winning this is an incredible honor.  One of my goals is to make films that have spiritual content to inspire people and help them to make better choices in their lives…..movies with a positive message that can help people become better beings. And this is the first time I have done just that in my films.

A firm believer that one should be in a peaceful place at all times to find creativity and happiness from within, Cruz believes strongly in the powers of meditation.

“One of my favourite places to meditate is at the beach,” he says.  “In fact, the beach is where I do a lot of editing and writing.  I have an RV which is perfect for me.  I have my editing equipment and my computer and I sit there and work with the sound of the waves hitting the sand.  It is spectacular and very peaceful and serene.”

Raised in a very close knit family, Cruz credits his parents for a large part of his success.

‘My parents have always been supportive throughout my career,” explains Cruz. They are loving parents that have been together for a very long time. At first, they really did not want me to get into the filmmaking world because they knew the difficulty in making a living in this profession.  However, after my third film when they saw I was starting to make money, they did not mind anymore. Like most parents, they just want the best for their child.”

Already at work on a new film, Cruz’s aspirations continue to grow as does his name in Hollywood.  One of the most talented film makers in the industry today, Cruz’s record is definite proof that the American Dream is very possible.