“Outrage” discovers Pauly D

Award winning film “Outrage” discovers new actor.

Pauly D

After watching the film “Outrage” it has come to my discovery of a first time actor Pauly D.

His first time on the screen has surprised many.  His portrayal of Billy a caretaker of Christine’s Mountain house.  Just like the film that launched the career of Billy Bob Thorton in “Sling Blade” Pauly D has mastered the mannerism and nuisances of a slow moving, hill Billy mountain character.

His performance was exceptional for his first time on the screen.  You would never imagine that Pauly D is in real life a professional businessman and successful entrepreneur.  Starting his career as a real estate developer, he merged into the entertainment industry unexpectedly and found his creative talent as an Actor.  Long time friend and director Ace Cruz discovered him doing a practical joke to make his friends laugh, by putting on some buck teeth and mimicking a hill Billy character from the woods. Director Ace Cruz studied this character and created a story around Pauly D’s character Billy, that started the storyline of “Outrage”.  It was quite a discovery to be able to find a character like “Billy” he’s a very interesting and sympathetic character that made the film what it is, says “Ace Cruz”.

During the editing of the movie, Oscar award winning Editor Dennis Virkler, commented on his performance as being very good and believable, he was shocked to know that was his first time on the screen.  He’s a real natural, Virkler stated.  We hope to see more of this actor in future films.

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  1. I cant believe this is Pauly D’s first time on the screen, acting for the movie Outrage 2009. He is a professional businessman and successful entrepreneur in real life Wow.

    I liked his character Billy and I feel he has portrayed it really very well. Hats off to him.

    I also loved the film Outrage, definitely a watch.

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